Want to know about us?

From Leipzig with Love.

Lieblingsstick could be translated as "beloved embroidery", and this is what we do. We give our best to put our heart on every project that we work on.

Other than the traditional work from a normal embroidery company (branding, naming and so on...), we try to innovate on a very special way... most of our current projects seek to bring a second life to old clothes or fabrics, by adding design and technique on them. Our mouses are made from antique fabric used for curtains... our port-monees come from parts of fabrics donated by regular customers, and so on and so forth...

We are a small, international team working on a small, but very well equipped workshop. Bring your idea to us, and we will do our best to make it happen.

Mathiesenstraße 3C,

04179 - Leipzig


0341 9260980

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