Made with Love...

Many years of learning, training and working on a traditional business, give us the chance to look at things on a different way, and look for alternative ways to fulfill our customers' needs.


Creativity is what motivates us, Love is our signature and quality is our motto... our world is unique, and we want to imprint that on every job we perform.

Our world is only one: Clothes don't need to go in the trash can after a short time, we can look for ways of transforming it and give them a second life.


„Ich schenk dir eine Geschichte“ auch für blinde und sehbehinderte Kinder

April 18, 2018

Eine, die etwas Besonderes eingefädelt hat

March 1, 2017

10 Distinct Ways to Add Embroidery to Your Spring Outfits

May 3, 2016

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