Höhepunkte: "Highlights: dots that connects..."

Our project "Höhepunkte" seeks to integrate the topics of Fashion and Inclusion, by designing and crafting different clothes and accessoires with readable messages embroidered using Braille language.

We believe that Fashion should be available to all, and should give every person the chance to express their emotions through what they wear.

We love to create, and we want to bring our love into what we make.

Our goal in the future is to develop a way on which people with different disabilities can bring their skills into work, to make this a whole inclusive project.


Check our products related to the project, and support us on trying to make the world a more friendly place.

Social Engagement

We have developed this project in close contact with people with sight-disabilities... Everyone brings strengths and competences to "Höhepunkte".

We want to make clothes that are not only useful or practical, but also appealing for everyone, especially for those who face with the complexity of not being able to see.

Mathiesenstraße 3C,

04179 - Leipzig


0341 9260980

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